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Manuals and Literature - KitchenAid Unplug from outlet when not in use, before putting on or taking off parts, andbefore cleaning.5 Blender Features (Model 5KSB555)English Stay-Put Lidwith Clear, 60 ml Ingredient Cup Easy Pour1,5 L Glass Pitcher Patented Stainless Steel Blade Locking Collar and Blade Assembly Speed Selection Buttons Durable Steel-Reinforced Couplers Clean Touch Control Pad Die-Cast Metal Base WARNING: Flashing light indicates ready to operate. Failure to follow these instructionscan result in death, fire or electricalshock.8. Before operating the Blender, makesure the pitcher assembly is properlypositioned on the Blender base. Search Manuals & Use and Care Guides. Enter your appliance model number to access your Use and Care Guide and any related appliance literature. Use the My Appliances resource to quickly access material for your registered appliances. Enter Model Number SEARCH SEARCH. Please enter at least the first 4.

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Blender - KitchenAid Intente realizar una descripción clara de su problema de manera que otros usuarios y/o la redacción puedan proporcionarle una respuesta adecuada. CONTENTS. PREFACE Dirk Vermeiren. 03. CONTENTS. 05. HOW DOES THE BLENDER WORK. 06. JUICE. 12. PULSE. 24. SOUPS/SAUCES. 26. MILKSHAKES. 38. ICY DRINKS/SMOOTHIES. 50. MANUAL. 68. ALPHABETICAL RECIPE INDEX. 92. COLOPHON. 96. CONTENTS.

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