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A brief history of women and the vote in New Zealand - NZHistory Again the amateur historical societies raised the question of a national body in order to protect the remaining sites - this time with greater success. Womanhood Franchise granted.' With uncharacteristic excitement Catherine Fulton, the dnified matriarch of a landowning New Zealand family, recorded this.

History of education in New Zealand - McGuinness Institute The expected advantages to societies were mutual assistance, dissemination of information and a strong national voice for the preservation of historic sites and records. Dec 1, 2016. ISBN 978-1-972193-94-5 paperback. ISBN 978-1-972193-95-2 PDF. 7.0 History of primary and secondary education in New Zealand. Government Management Brief to the Incoming Government 1987. Volume II.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF NEW ZEALAND New. - Anglais LP Rouen The object of this next year’s meeting was to form and launch a federation of historical societies. A BRIEF HISTORY OF NEW ZEALAND. New Zealand has a rich and fascinating history, reflecting our Maori heritage dating back. 700 years and European.

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